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Prismatik Clinical Zirconia

Prismatik Clinical Zirconia™ combines the esthetics your patients demand with the strength and affordability you desire. Lab tests show the fracture toughness and flexural strength of zirconia to be significantly higher than that of alumina or any other all-ceramic. 


Zirconia Pricing

8-10 working days in lab.

Give your patients a strong and natural looking smile by prescribing Prismatik Clinical Zirconia. Prismatik CZ mimics the opalescent look of a natural tooth and tests have shown that zirconia is stronger than any other all-ceramic crown or bridge available today. Zirconia has also proven to be one of the most biocompatible materials used in medicine.


  • Medical grade zirconia is completely biocompatible, and its metal-free substructure allows for beautiful esthetics.

  • No metal to show through the ceramic and no unsightly black lines

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