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Our veneers combines beauty with high performance in the most impressive way, as it is comprised of materials that demonstrate exceptional life-like esthetics along with fracture resilient toughness. These versatile materials are available for both press and CAD/CAM applications. Our decision to use IPS e.max unlocks unlimited opportunities to provide the outcomes patients deserve.


Veneer Pricing

8-10 working days in lab.

Dental patients of today are looking for more than just a healthy and functional restorative solution. Esthetics is playing an increasingly important role in their choice of dental restorations. As all-ceramics are both biocompatible and esthetic, these materials are rapidly growing in popularity.

IPS e.max® allows you to offer your patients exceptionally beautiful restorations which also demonstrate high mechanical strength.


  • Lifelike shade behavior for highly esthetic solutions

  • Long-lasting restorations due to high strength

  • Lifelike esthetic results − irrespective of the color of the prepared tooth

  • High performance even in the posterior region thanks to unrivaled strength and high fracture toughness

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